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A oncology research organization is looking to transform its data management and analytics capabilities. They face challenges in integrating vast datasets, including clinical and genomic data, to accelerate cancer drug and diagnostic research.

Key Business Issues

  1. Data Integration and Activation: The need to integrate diverse data sources, including clinical and genomic data, for unified management and analysis.
  2. Utilization of Salesforce Data Cloud: Implement Salesforce Data Cloud to activate customer data across Salesforce applications, providing relevant insights and contextual data in the workflow.
  3. Advanced Analytics with AI: Employ AI-driven analytics to convert extensive datasets into actionable insights for oncology research.

Impact and Loss

  1. Research and Operational Delays: Current data dispersion causes delays in research and inefficiencies in operations.
  2. Limitation in Data-Driven Decision Making: Lack of integrated data analytics hampers innovative cancer research solutions.
  3. Operational Inefficiencies: The current system's inadequacy impacts the cost-effectiveness and agility of operations.

Resolution Plan

Implementing MuleSoft for Data System Integration

Utilize MuleSoft to ensure seamless communication and data flow.

Activating Data with Salesforce Data Cloud

Apply Salesforce Data Cloud to centralize and activate data, enhancing customer engagement and insight generation.

AI-Driven Analytics

Leverage AI tools to analyze the centralized data, providing deep insights that fuel breakthroughs in cancer research and treatment.

User Journey

User Journey of the UseCase


Customer Gained Outcomes

Enhanced Research Efficiency

Faster and more efficient research processes leading to rapid development in oncology.

Innovative Research Solutions

AI analytics to provide great insights, driving advancements in treatment and diagnostics.

Informed Decision-Making

Empowered researchers and decision-makers with better data access and analytics.

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