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Explore how our MuleSoft integration and analytics are driving efficiency in the utilities sector.

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Our Approach to Utilities Digitalisation

In an industry where efficiency, reliability, and sustainability are key, digital transformation is not just a luxury but a necessity. NexGen Architects leverages the power of AI, MuleSoft, and DataCloud to modernise utilities, ensuring they are not only efficient but also future-ready.

Core Capabilities

Migration from Legacy Systems to MuleSoft

At NexGen Architects, we specialize in facilitating seamless transitions from traditional legacy systems, like IBM platforms, to advanced MuleSoft integrations. This process not only revitalizes the utility sector's infrastructure but also ensures a more agile, scalable, and efficient operational framework.

Advanced Analytics and AI

Leveraging AI analytics, we transform complex data from utility networks into actionable insights. This enables predictive maintenance, optimized resource allocation, and heightened service reliability.

Enhanced Data Integration with Salesforce Data Cloud

Our DataCloud solutions centralise and unifies the customer data. This supports advanced analytics and strategic decision-making, helping utilities company to innovate and stay ahead in a data-driven world.

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