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Enhancing CRM

Despite utilizing Salesforce alongside automation and chatbot functionalities, a critical gap exists in this organization's customer relationship management (CRM) strategy. The inability to effectively analyze customer conversations across various touchpoints (voice, email) hinders their ability to gain a comprehensive understanding of customer needs, emotions, and inquiries. This ultimately limits their potential for building stronger customer relationships.

- Current analysis methods lack the depth to capture the emotional nuances throughout customer interactions. This hinders proactive service efforts and the ability to address potential frustrations before they escalate.

- Existing tagging systems rely on basic classifications, failing to capture the complexity and unique aspects of customer inquiries. Advanced topic extraction and categorization are crucial for understanding conversations that fall outside of predefined categories.

- The organization isn't fully capitalizing on the wealth of information embedded within customer conversations. Lack of clear summaries and concise titles creates a barrier for teams to grasp customer inquiries effectively, leading to inefficiencies in service delivery.

Resolution Plan

User Journey

User Journey of the UseCase

User Journey

Implementation Flow


Customer Gained Outcomes

Improved Customer Insights

Advanced analytics to gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviors and preferences


Easily scale with the business, supporting growth without the need for constant redesign.

Enhanced Productivity

Reduce the cognitive load on team members by providing clearer insights and actionable data through improved data visualization tools.

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